The Fastest Ship in Space Cover illustration by Yvonne Low.jpg

The Fastest Ship in Space 

by Pamela Freeman

Christmas Press (Second Look Publishing)

ISBN: 9780994528063

Paperback RRP: $15.99

New edition of this exciting adventure novel for children 7-10 years.

For Katie, exploring the far reaches of the Solar System in her family spaceship is just ordinary life – but living on Earth, now THAT would be exciting! There seems no way she and her brother, Sam, will ever see Earth, until they accidentally end up on the fastest Ship in space, on its way to the Moon. But will they ever get there? Space Station security, smugglers, space pirates – not to mention their parents – all see ready to stop them. Katie and Sam aren’t going to be pushed around. Neither is their gran…

Cover and internal illustrations by Yvonne Low


Jack of Spades  Front Cover illustration.  

Jack of Spades Front Cover illustration.  

Jack of Spades

by Sophie Masson

Christmas Press (Eagle Books imprint)

ISBN: 9780994528001

Paperback  (Age range: 10-14 years)   RRP:  $19.99

May 1910…

Linda’s father is missing in Paris, and her only clue is the Jack of Spades card that was sent to their home in London. In the family code, ‘Jack of Spades’ means danger. But it is not her father’s handwriting on the envelope!

Setting out to look for him, Linda is soon whirled into a frightening world where nothing is as it seems. Who are the people following her? What was her father really doing in Paris? Who can she really trust? As she works against time to try and solve the mystery of her father’s disappearance with the help of some new friends, Linda begins to realise that she has stumbled into a dark and dangerous conspiracy which threatens the future of the whole world…

A gripping, original thriller for older readers by award-winning author Sophie Masson.

With cover and internal illustrations by Yvonne Low

A Christmas Menagerie

Edited and compiled by Beattie Alvarez

ISBN: 9780994528049

RRP $24.99

Paperback, 90 pages, illustrated in full colour

Published by Christmas Press

Release date: November 13, 2017

From the wombat who creates a beautiful tree to the pony who finds a new home, from a bear with a delicious recipe to Santa's unexpected helper and many more: meet the special animals who feature in these sparkling new stories for young readers, from both established and emerging authors, in a collection of entertaining illustrated tales for young readers, spiced with a touch of Christmas magic.

Edited by Beattie Alvarez, A Christmas Menagerie features original stories by popular authors Gabrielle Wang, Sherryl Clark, Michael Pryor, Janeen Brian and Sophie Masson, as well as several new and emerging writers, and is beautifully illustrated in full colour by Kathy Creamer, Fiona McDonald, Ingrid Kallick and Yvonne Low