Webinar Masterclass with Colleen Doran, artist and Graphic Novelist

On 21 October I took part in the Comics Stripped Bare Series of webinars hosted by Comics Mastermind, this time with the fabulous Colleen Doran.

What a great webinar - Colleen spoke of her creative process behind the creation of her graphic Novel, Troll Bridge, an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's short story.  

Colleen shared her tips on developing illustrations, character and the reasons behind her creative choices, along with some great digital tips.  It was lovely to hear that she still prefers to work initially with hand-drawn work on paper, before moving to digital finishing and that she feels the 'hand in art' is still very important for her - that 'human element'.

When considering the elements to put into an illustration, Colleen suggests to ask yourself what can you bring to the illustrations, that hasn't already been put on the page with the script - to 'expand the prose'.  Also to think about the emotional impact and try to create a more 3D character.

Lots of food for thought!