'Forgotten Songs'

Found myself recently at Angel Place, Sydney in the gorgeous laneway, with evocative art installation 'Forgotten Songs' by Michael Thomas Hill.  For me, it's such a special place - a place to look up, listen, imagine and wonder...  And it's also a reminder that a bird flying free is a beautiful thing....

Michael's work commemorates the songs of fifty birds once heard in central Sydney, before they gradually moved away due to European settlement.  There's a detailed explanation on the City of Sydney Council website explaining the story behind the artwork and the creative team who put it together - truly an 'audio-visual' feast.

As Michael puts it: the work invites 'contemplation of the city's past, its underlying landscape, and the sustainability issues associated with increased urban development.'  It really is an 'interplay of past and present'.

The birds call as you move down the laneway - and the calls change whether it is daytime or at night.  Don't forget to look down as well - there are plaques in the stone work naming the featured birds.  

'Forgotten Songs' at Angel Place, Sydney

'Forgotten Songs' at Angel Place, Sydney

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